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Promote Gig Showing this message ( Not promotable (Unqualified) )

I also attached many screenshots submit many proof. But all in vein. Fiverr support never admit it. It’s a bug first they text me it’s automatic system and for promotion you must meet with these requirements I submit all proof I meet with all these then why you unqualified my gig then they said our team check some other factor too we cannot disclose. Means manually work.

I am also level two seller. And after unqualified not only promoted gig effect. This effect my whole account… my whole account derank. All my gigs move from first to last page. At least if is there is problem with promoted gig just derank that gig but promotion feature effect my whole account and gigs.

Did you have any cancelation or late delivery in last 30 days before this happened to your account?

NO, yes last one month without any reason my all gig derank. then i get some order from my old clients almost 10 then my all gig ranked again i also got promotion feature on my gig. accidently i use this feature. when i use this feature it’s work 4,5 days i got just 12 impression. i complete 3,4 order with 5* rating. i change gig image and next day my gig was unqualified.

my response rate 100%, delivery on time 100%, no order cancellation, getting 5* rating. but still face this issue. even today I complete one order after 20% deduction result contains a bug it shows me a wrong price on the order page. also my gig status also wrong i have one order but still show 2 order in queue. I submit all proof 3 times but more than 10 days still not solved by the Fiverr technical team.

Add a video in all your gigs and see the result, I heard many sellers solved this problem by adding a video in gigs. perhaps you should not have changed images before.


I complete 10 order with 5 stars rating 1 order cancellation

How to fix unqualified gig’s and not received notification on promoted gig

yes i add some video too. but still no solution

Many sellers who had cancelations are facing this issue, It will take some time for you to get it back.

I hope it gets sorted for you.

When you have 100+ orders and 1-2 cancellation is a must because sometimes client place the order by mistake and many other factors, I think moving gig to very last pages is not fair

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Let me tell you what worked for many sellers, add a video to your gigs, all of gigs and edit title a little by adding one or two words and same in description then change tags and it will be normal

and this worked for you?

I am working on videos, will add them by tomorrow or the day after. But I know at least 5-7 people who did it and got it fixed.


Okay please let me know if it get fixed for you