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Promote Gigs to Get More Orders

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve been here but I’m BACK. We all want to know how to GET MORE SALES. Think about it. If MORE PEOPLE KNOW about your gigs, the BETTER CHANCE you have of FINDING SOMEONE who NEEDS YOUR SERVICES!!!

The best part about this is that there are FREE ways to do this!!!

Three ways to promote your gigs:

  1. You can use SOCIAL MEDIA. You can create a Facebook Business page for your business and use it to share your Fiverr gigs. That’s what I did to promote my transcription gig and I saw increased sales on it. You can check out how many reviews I have on it so far. REMEMBER reviews ARE KEY!!! I can create a Facebook Business page for you if you’re not able to do so yourself

  2. Create YOUTUBE CHANNEL about your niche and share your Fiverr link there too. You can also share videos relating to your niche and include your link. I have a gig where I download videos that sometimes can’t be saved on your computer for you to use when you are promoting your gig. I can get them for you to use I can also create a YouTube Channel for you if you’re not able to do so yourself

  3. Create a BLOG and promote your Fiverr link there. For those who can’t type fast to create the blogs posts quickly, you can just create an audio file of what you want to say and I can type up your blog FAST

Try out the THREE ways of promoting your gigs and wait and see if you have INCREASED SALES because more people are being made aware of your services!!!

Bye for now!