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Promote my Express Status For 3 months ! - Icons

Hello :slight_smile:

I am a Fiverr for over 3 Moths now (Yuppiii!!) and i have created over a 100 Orders with 99% Customer Satisfaction. and the Best Part abut my gigs is that they All are Express (Delivered with in 24 hours) Gigs ! :slight_smile: My average Response time is 1 Hour !

Today i am here to promote my Flat ICON gig :slight_smile: with has 100% Positive Rating and that are the Gigs I generate my Profit from on fiverr, With average delivery time of 2-3 Hours ! and there is a Gig Extra where Customers can get the Delivery with in ONE HOUR* !

For Flat icons:

For Specially iOS7 icons:

In the iOS7 Icons gig the β€œFULL PACK” is a pretty interesting Gig extra , I deliver ALL the sizes to for you icon to get running on the AppStore WITHOUT any additional time ! .

I am here so you can have a look at my gig and may be Tip me for improvements and gig me some suggestions from your experience :slight_smile:

Is there some how i can attract Fiverr Staff Attention so they can see what i am offering and maybe promote my gigs like they do for others ? :slight_smile: Because 2 Hours for a Gig Deliver is a good reason to. Don’t you think ?

Comment on whatever you like to :smiley: , I would Love to hear from you :slight_smile:

Your sincerely

These are few of my Favourite icons :slight_smile: