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Promote my gig and sell

Hello, I am the freelance Website designer. I am using Fiverr for 9 months now but I am not getting buyers for my GIG. I have seen that sellers from gets the most number of the buyers. Buyers always choose the best or level 2 sellers fo.

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do not lose hope bro and hope for the best…same case here but hoping for the best…do hardwork i hope you will get the fruit soon.

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Optimize your gigs, look at your top competitors, see how their images and copy looks, see how their offer is structured, and then create a better offer than theirs, offer more value. Then promote your gigs on social media to increase impressions and hopefully get some orders. Good luck :+1:

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Utilize buyer requests!


Creating duplicate gigs is against the TOS. (Being in a different category doesn’t make the gigs different.)