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Promote my gigs...How?

How we promote gigs to get orders please comments your ideas.

I find out some thing in your gig If you do it you would gain more buyer but you have to take you own decision here

If you keep it unlimited the buyer will more choose you because buyer is seeking about his/her problem and we tell limit revision. He/She will never deal with Us and find someone who has unlimited Revision. Be patient!

Cheer You!


thank you so much :slight_smile:

It really isn’t a good idea to offer unlimited revisions I’m afraid @dev_sal. It’s too easily taken advantage of by buyers looking for inexperienced sellers and can lead to lots of unpleasant situations.

@ajaykaran9211 - you do website development etc.? You need to find out where this sort of buyer can be found on the internet and get involved with their communities etc. before promoting what you can offer them.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I have no suggetion for you have 239 orders and i have four.
you should give suggestion to others lol.
@dev_sal unlimited revision will drive buyer mad read horror story on forum. I am new and 90%of the time i am not giving a single revision. I am fine with less order than living rest of my life in mental asylum.
wish you luck for more


@merciavideo @arcodecode once the buyer deal with you then never come back to you!!! because if you made some issue reaming???

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer !

Sorry - I’m afraid I don’t understand this. :frowning:

The OP is offering 4 revisions which should be plenty (if not too many) for any buyer.

Unlimited revisions are pointless - to me as a buyer it signals that the seller has little confidence in their own abilities or they’re desperate. :wink:


no you are counting on buyer have good intention. Buyer is like us he want his work done for less money. If he see unlimited revision you are offering your self on plate he will use it.
If he still have some issue he/she should pay to get it done. I am new on fiverr but i am not new in the industry trust me people will make you cry.


Yeah I know but, suppose you gave me a job I made it completely and delivered to you after you have some issue, error which you don’t like then what should you do, Hiring another Seller?

I know you are buyer but It’s not the weakness point suppose on above example.

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Unlimited revision is good for making attraction of gig but its not good for all kind of gigs


no i did no say it and @merciavideo did not say that as well.
If you have some issue with the finishing product you should fix it.
Let’s say the issue was not included in the order at the start you should fix it still.
We are not talking about that we are talking about unlimited revision, fixing some issue is different thing. Which you can do without revision and unlimited revision is different issue.

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I think, At the first time unlimited revision is very helpful for newbie!

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I’ll try again - the OP is offering 4 revisions - all necessary fixes are possible within that number of revisions.

They’re not saying they won’t do any revisions.

No it’s really not. :frowning:

You’re leaving yourself open to abuse.


I don’t want myself at abuse, What did I do wrong against privacy can you tell me?

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I think you may have misunderstood - by offering unlimited revisions you’re leaving yourself open to being abused by buyers who will literally demand unlimited revisions for weeks and months in the future - never ending orders.

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Make about topic why are you telling there?


Sorry - I don’t know what you mean.

I think the OP’s thread’s been hijacked enough now.

Good luck @ajaykaran9211! :slightly_smiling_face:

Added - OP = original poster.


I don’t know about that?

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@dev_sal are you will fully reading some thing which is not there. He/she wrote in simple english that you are leaving your self open to abuse if you give unlimited revision.
and i don’t give revision but in two of my order seller requested some extra work and i did it for free even though it was not included in the original order.

so again unlimited revision and giving buyer after support are two different things.

I am out here as it seems like we hijacked OP thread

OP means the person who started this post she asked for how to promote and we start discussing unlimited revision which is not nice
i am out


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