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Promote my profile

hello hi ,
every one,

how many numbers of gig or gigs should be in a new freelancer’s profile ?
is this best to publish all first 7 gigs as soon as possible ?
or should take few time break ?



Are you asking for:

A) people to spread the word and promote your service?

B) people to review your gig and offer suggestions?


C) people to buy your gig and leave a review?


It is extremely unlikely that anyone on the forum is going to promote your profile.

Check out: Before you ask about HOW TO GET ORDERS or No Orders: READ THIS (MORE ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order, Impressions, Sales)

Also check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find all the tips you need in the above.


sorry sir
i was asking to promote mean to give any suggestion not about to buy my gig or give feed back.

its ok sir
stay bless
thank you

thank you sir for your kind response actually i am asking can you give any suggestion to any new one who has just joined this plate from .

thank you

Did you read through the posts @lloydsolutions shared with you?

Those are pretty solid


You can create 7 gigs in a day but always you should take time to create another gigs.

@exclusive_js Your large posts in bold are hurting my eyes!


If this gets big issues please let me know.

It is a big issue. Nobody else makes posts like that.

Please stop posting like that.

You don’t need to do that.

It is annoying and you could make your posts “special” by contributing something actually helpful instead of generic facts that don’t even constitute advice.