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Promote your Fiverr gig (within Fiverr TOS)


Hi, I have been more of a buyer here at Fiverr. I am a seller outside the Fiverr platform. I am into digital marketing, but I do sell my services here at Fiverr. I have a lot of repeat and long term customers in my usual line of digital marketing that I do.
So,. I just have 1 gig here because I like to checkin and see what is happening at Fiverr. I like Fiverr and it’s great to see so many enthusiastic sellers here. There was a time when I was buying almost daily at Fiverr and ever since I’ve liked to see how the portal is progressing.
I like to see people succeed.

I am ready to promote gig(s) of may be 2 sellers to start with and at no (zero) upfront payment from the sellers, for my service. It will be like an experiment for me and the 2 sellers. If there is good success, and the 2 sellers see sales happening, then perhaps we can see how I am remunerated, by us doing a custom order or some gig from me within Fiverr to promote your gig for you.

My promotion method would be TOTALLY within the Fiverr TOS.
So, we do the entire process within Fiverr and within Fiverr TOS.

There are a lot of ways to promote gigs. For example, depending on the niche, I can promote a gig on a particular high quality website (with high Alexa rankings). I am having good rapport with many such website admins.

I cannot promote each and every niche, though. We need to get connected and I check out your gig, it’s niche, quality of the gig, etc and then I can decide further.

PLEASE NOTE : I only want to assist sellers with low sales, but who have good ability, seriousness and potential. I have observed a few such sellers here at this forum who seem to have the will & determination, quality gigs, but not making sales and these are the types I intend to assist.

At this stage I am NOT making any promises. Connect with me and I’ll check out your gig(s), etc and then we may move forward. Moreover, I am going to initially promote the gig(s) without any payments to me. If sales happen from the efforts, then yes, we can discuss about this (all within Fiverr).

As long as we are within Fiverr and within Fiverr TOS, there is no harm to try or experiment. Infact nothing was achieved without trying.

So, if you are a seller and serious about your gig, but still not making sales, then message me through Fiverr forum and let us see if we can get something moving.

Thank you.