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Promote your fiverr gigs


want to show the world what services are you providing on fiverr? want to get as much as orders as possible on your gigs? well you are in a right place right now. this gig is about facebook groups advetisement.

i am basically a member of these groups. whenever i need to advertise something i post it in these groups and it totally work for me to bring any kind of traffic so i thought why not help others. if you want to advertise something or if you want people to see what you want to show them. every group has 10,000 to 50,000 active members in each group and most of the groups are related to fiverr where buyers come to check out everyone’s gigs. so dont waste your talent anymore show people what you can do for them.

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That sounds really useful. I’ve a music gig. Will this method of advertising increase the client orders in this category on fiverr?

and what if it doesn’t work? How would one know that you’ve advertized in x no. of groups?

haha, sorry for an array of questions but I just wanna make sure it’s worth it. Others might have these questions too


Am really working hard to promote my gigs because these days i hardly get orders


yes, this method of advertising totally work. when you make a gig it requires sharing and this gig will help you with that.
when i first starting working on fiverr i shared alot my gigs in facebook groups and i got many others so yea it worth a try
i will send you screenshots so that you know that i actually posted your gig in these groups.

and hey dont be sorry for these questions. im very glad you asked :slight_smile:


hello there,
tell me what method you are using in order to promote your gigs?


I post my gig url captioned with a little information on Twitter. I recently developed a website to help run my gig ads


I post my gig url captioned with a little information on Twitter. I recently developed a website to help run my gig ads


thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

I will certainly try your service out. I’ve a music gig as I said. It received great feedback on 1st month of being live but after returning from a long vacation that I took, it’s not getting any orders as of lately.


You Will definitely get orders :slight_smile:


You should try this gig


Where are the links?


YWhich gig. I can’t see the gig you are referring me to



Check the topic i posted link is in there


it would be really nice to use your fiverr gig to see how it goes though i will have to wait for some of my funds to clear before i could then place order for it.
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Yes sure,
I will be waiting :slight_smile: