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Hi Friends,

I am Facebook Expert and a successful Fiverr Seller. Recently i was thinking to do something new and i got an idea to make a Facebook Group where Fiverr Sellers can promote their Gigs for free.

In my Group i have more than 3000 of my real clients and corporate people from all walks, This is a new group and its growing fast you can leave a link of your gig and i will approve it to appear in the group and shown to all members.

In return i ask only one favor ADD 50 Friends in the group so that the group expands and we will get better exposure for our gigs. (50 for approval of one gig post)

I put this condition of adding 50 friends for one gig post because this way the group expands and you won’t be spamming.

This is a Life Time Free and Open Group for Fiverr Sellers to Take Advantage.

The group is:

fb .com/groups/HireUs/

Best Regards



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would have been a good idea to put a link to the group


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They tried putting the link, but off Fiverr links are not allowed so it got fragglesrocked.


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yesterday a guy from india posted into my group that he wants to work from home and he can do wordpress stuff, i told him to signup with fiverr and make a nice profile guided him and he successfully made his first gig. after that i posted his gig into my group and one person contacted him in the group and ordered him via his fiverr gig… isn’t it great that i am encouraging and guiding others with my experience :slight_smile:


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Thanks in advance.


Thanks hope to join


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