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Promote Your gig In Different Manner - Embed Fiverr Reviews in your website or blog Tutorial


first of all little promotion, i’m a software engineer in Sri Lanka and i’m working in fiverr as a part timer

here is my gig URL

Ok… I know you guys did not came here to hear about my self right!!.. now lets come to the topic.

This is a simple tutorial on how to embed your fiverr Reviews to your blog or your website so that someone who come to your blog or website can see that your are actually a skilled person, please view the image i have attached (4th image attached) this is just a rough sketch i created using word but with your creativity you can create a wonderful blog post or a webpage,

(to be honest you need not to be a software engineer to create this thing, this is just plain html :slight_smile: )

This is instruction to WordPress Users

1. first you need to install "Iframe Embedder" plugin to do this go to Plugins -> Add new, then search for Iframe Embedder, after you find it hit Install (please look at the second image)

2. No you have to do little adjustments in the settings (if you are already using this plugin then you guys will have to figure other way to embed the plugin) go to Settings -> IFrame Embedder at the below of the page change the settings according to the image 3

here is the code required for this step

border: 0px none; margin-left: 2px; margin-top: -2100px;

3. if you have done everything according to the image attached (3rd image) now you can create a new post and type the content you wan't to appear and then click "Html" in the right corner and paste the below code there and then change the URL to your gig ( I don't wan't my gig to be promoted again :P )
4. That is it just preview the page and you will see you reviews listed :)

For People who use normal websites

1. create a new page

2. copy paste this code (plase replace "" with your gig url )
3. save and open the page in the browser ::) :) :)

I have to say that this code is just an experiment, and it works fine with me, i do not garantee that this will work for everyone but just give a try :

If you are not getting this right just Inbox me i'll help you to get this working :) :)


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HI first image is wrong it shoud be this


Please comment here if you are success with this or if you could not get it done :slight_smile:


for security reasons fiverr has removed that iframe code instruction 2 in "For People who use normal websites


Here i have attached the code for that instruction :)

Discard the above image code since it is not clear please use this

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