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"Promote your gig"- Not for fun


I am sure 99.9% of sellers have seen the promote your gig feature especially after creating a gig.

I am a data entry gig seller, my question is how can I promote my gig on Facebook or any other social media platform . Can anyone tell me a specific group or page to promote my gig.

Is promoting allowed on the Fiverr Facebook page?

PS: This discussion is not limited to data entry gig only, all gigs inclusive. :grinning:


Where you choose to promote you gigs depends entirely on what you’re offering. I don’t think anybody’s going to give you a list of groups where promotion is encouraged as that would lead to FB spam.

No - please don’t promote on Fiverr’s FB page - they won’t like it, and they’ll block you.

You need to find where groups of your potential buyers can be found, and promote to them wherever that is.


@offlinehelpers Thanks for the response