Promote your Gig to 3750 people



Hi,Guys,welcome to our newest gig on fiverr… This gig will mass message your product or site link to 3750 friends active Facebook users with live video report delivered to you. Can this gig bring you sales.Yes,if people like your niche. Can this gig bring you traffic.Yes,sure. Is it worth to order this gig.Yes,it is for $5 ,this gig will spread the word about your product over 3750 Facebook active users,woooo… ORDER NOW… Note:we don’t do shorten urls.


Looks like I could do with your gig.

Can you provide provide 100 real facebook likes to all my gigs?


We can provide you likes,not a problem,it depends,How many gigs and How many likes.

Thanks for contacting us. :)]