Promote your Gig/Website by using these modern polaroid style text images


Spent ages coding to make software to do this and I think it is a very cool way to get more bang for buck out of images you post on Facebook, Twitter, Blog posts, Classified ads, your own sites or just placing on Flicker etc.

Since most of us have no idea what we want until we see it, I supply 96 different image layouts using the same key words and address you supply so that you can use them in portrait or landscape and in whatever mood your message is and spread a few around the net that are not quite the same as each other.

We are all looking for more traffic and Google juice so the images are all named with SEO in mind as well.

A lot of research went into the fonts, colors and layout ideas so all of the images are up to date with the latest trends.Small eg below of the trusty blue theme.

I hope you like the concept and if you buy a package I am sure you will find the $5 extremely well spent.

This works well for gigs that are really hard to visualize with an image, or you cannot get an image to say all you want.