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i have over 14 years experience in social media promotion, my reputation is there for me at other site. i just discovered FIVERR and i decided to extend my GOOD work. I am not jerk of all trades like others… the only thing i do is to ADVERTISE your product to over 1,000 facebook groups to boost your business… just check it out here–>


i know her at other site. she is good and practice what she preaches… she rendered good services for me at other site.

@bigbadbilly don’t condemn her please


good luck


Ummm… I think you mean “Jack of all trades”.

You really need to get somebody to proof read your spelling.

Also. If you have 14 years experience… then you may want to change your profile picture. Because the person in your profile picture, with 14 years experience would be about 7 when she started.


i am 14 years old when i started


So… Then this is you?