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Promote your Gigs easily ''10 Tips and Tricks'' (Just Fiverr Activities)

:slight_smile: Hi,

I am French Shark, New Logo Designer in Fiverr. I will tell you few little tricks to get promoted.

  1. Don’t make a lot of gigs. Just make 1 or 2 gigs.
  2. Never use silly samples for them. Just use attractive samples.
  3. Make a attractive description which is better than Top Raters Descriptions.
  4. Don’t add any high quality or high performance gig extras.
  5. Find few popular gigs which match to your gig. Check gigs tags and use better tags for yours. :wink:
  6. Don’t send messages for ‘‘Buyers Requests’’ tab, It is just wasting time. They won’t give you any job easily.
  7. Give them Bonus with the delivery (according to your industry)
  8. If someone ask you a custom offer, don’t do it for 5$. Give a bigger value than 5$.
  9. If someone ask you to do a difficult thing and If you can’t do it, don’t cancel it quickly. Chat with the buyer try to understand the situation. Then make the decision together. :">
  10. When you deliver your order, Ask about his activities and future plans. :wink:

    **** If you have more ideas, please comment.

    If you think somethings are not possible tell us.

    If you got something from this say something.

    If you hate or don’t like it, tell me why?

interesting post, thnx !!

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Nice post…thnx

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Well done! Brother :)>-

I have already apply these tricks on my new logo design gig and I am wait for buyers.

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Hi there French Shark. I am new to Fiverr and I have not set up my first “gig” just yet. I read through your guide and it seems to me that English may be your second language? Please don’t be offended as I think you are offering free advice, which is commendable! Your grammar, however could use a little “tweaking”. Please get back to me if you would like any help. Cheers. Spencer.

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Interesting Post, will try a few…

nice post there french shark, it’s good to know we belong to same niche but i have been reading various tips shared here by people and applying them to gig promotions lately hoping that i will make a sale…it’s been a month now on fiverr without sales.boring though.

Thanks for these great tips…

It’s being a while trying hard to make sales on fiverr. Unfortunately, no sales yet…but there is hope.

My simple question;

Can i include links(e.g samples outside fiverr) in my messages being sent to prospective customers? hope fiverr won’t kick my ass?

Thanks for the tips, together we shall succeed.

I have a Unique Intro video

Welldone @frenchshark. Good intentions with your post for sellers. However, i wouldn’t want you to discourage the “buyer request” option. you could make sales from it or at least a make a contact. I also think Linkedin is another way of promoting your gig with a great possibility of returns. cheers.

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thank you.


Check these ,

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exellent post…

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Hi, its pretty impressive points that you mentioned above, but i think the buyer request is a good option for sellers, i am getting most of my orders from this section…just a suggestion

1.Just saw your profile you have already 6-7 Gigs

  1. Don’t send messages for ”Buyers Requests” tab, It is just wasting time. They won’t give you any job easily.

I think your totally wrong about this.



Ive made most of my sales via Buyer Request which has resulted in multiple orders from customers, so I DONT agree that its a waste of time. You gotta play the numbers cant just sit & wait for customers to contact you

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Great advice! Thanks = )

I also felt that there are so many wrong things he has mentioned above, anyway you have correct it all…thanks…

This is more like it :slight_smile: