Promote Your Gigs Everywhere with Seller Badges


Today we launched a new feature that will help you promote your Gigs everywhere - blogs, your website and any other web page. When potential buyers click on your badge, they will be directed to your seller page on Fiverr. It’s like a digital business card.

The badge is indexed by Google, so using will help your seller page to rank higher in Google, increase traffic to your page and in turn, increase your sales.

To share your badge, all you have to do is go to your username at the top right and click “Promote Your Business”. Copy the code and paste it anywhere you’d like to share your badge.


Thank you fiverr <3


I just share in my personal website : :smiley:


Thanks to add another nice feature… I like it personally and ready to use that on my own blog sidebar.


This is a fantastic visual marketing idea. I’m sure many of us sellers will appreciate using these. Thank you for implementing it!


This is nice!


I am trying to use my badge on my blog sidebar but it is not working at all. I copied and pasted the code on the text widget. There is no other way because it is a version. Could it be that they are not compatible with each other??


Awesome feature…


Aha Quite a nice feature.


This is Awesome!


My faith is restored! Finally Fiverr releases a feature and announces it on the forum and there isn’t a “I HATE IT!” or “Well that’s dumb!” in the first five comments. Thank Jeebus!

Awesome feature by the way!


Thanks, that’s great option.


This is awesome!!!


I have promoted my Fiverr business on two of my sites. :smiley:


This is really Awesome Feature! Many thank for the fiverr team.





I’ve been hoping for this. Thank you so much! It’s now on my website.


I was just building my site, and this sounds like great news! Instead of showing boring links, this is could attract more attention. Please keep working on it so that it becomes more interactive within the widget. Thanks!


WOW thank you so much Fiverr! These are amazing ad ins and thank you for including the new people in the goodies!

I freelance on different sites for different jobs and I really wish they would do something like your instant chat, that will be such a great customer service tool as the instant message will help both seller and buyer!


Wow! Great job!