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Promote your odd jobs for free!


I will be starting something new on twitter, it will allow anyone to promote there gig/job/smob to others for free. As it’s only now starting it doesn’t have many followers ( THIS WILL CHANGE ) There are a few requirements for being promoted : -

  • Your twitter profile must have 50+ followers
  • You must be following @oddjobspromo (Will follow back!)
  • For every job you promote you must retweet one of our tweets (This will help us get more followers, which will help you too!)
  • Can have multiple different jobs promoted, but the same job will be promoted once in 24 hours.

    If you want to promote your odd jobs follow us, retweet one of our tweets and post below with your twitter page - or send us an email:

    Please remember to put the link to your service (I will not be promoting the odd job if links are not added)


I have changed the requirements, now 50+ followers & you must retweet one of our tweets. This will help us grow. The more we grow, the more people that see your odd jobs! :smiley: