Promote Yourself photos do not update


After changing my profile picture, the photo of the Promote Yourself badge doesn’t get updated


Wait a while, this happened to me too, still happens on the mobile app for me, but not on desktop.


be patient. It takes some time to be updated and be stable on all mobile and web platforms.


Facing same problem but a little different. I’ve updated my Profile picture 3 to 4 times in last 6 months and I’ve the old image showing in Mobile app which is almost 8 to 9 months old. There is some bug, I guess.


You’re quite right it doesn’t. :slightly_smiling_face:

Drop a note to CS and see if they can help.


it is only on mobile app’s profile view right?


I think the OP’s talking about the ‘promote yourself’ feature which can be added to blogs etc. as HTML - mine is an anonymous grey person rather than any avatar picture I’ve actually uploaded - I can only assume it’s a bug.

Different to desktop/mobile picture problem BTW.


Have you tried copy pasting the code/script afresh? maybe it will help


Same problem,
I had reported this issue to fiverr support team in march month (2018) , they replied that we will fix this bug very soon. :roll_eyes::confused:


Yes, it is only in mobile app.


You know what, I’ve been promoted to Level 2 on this month evaluation. but Still in the app, My profile shows as level 1 and it displays the profile image i changed 4 months ago… :sweat_smile::rofl:


They should work on Fiverr’s App.


Yes, ofcourse! :persevere: