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Promoted Gig Bid

Recently I got “Promoted Gigs” feature on my Fiverr Profile, I’m running ads from the last 2 days, Got just 18 impressions and 4 clicks on my gig with no order or message from a client, and that’s fine…
My question is should I increase the bid to appear higher in the search results? If yes what could be the best bid?



If you click on your bid amount it will tell you how high you need to bid in order to outbid other sellers in your category.


Suggested amount was $0.19 but currently I’m bidding $0.25, a little higher than the recommended…

That is strange. I am still testing out the feature myself, but I have found the higher I set my daily limit the more impressions I get. I have mine set to $30 per day, but I have never spent more than $8 in a day even with the higher limits. (I cannot say you would get the same result if you increased your limit, you might end up paying the full limit.)


Testing gonna tell how it sells…
My final question OR questions … what’s your experience with the ads? ROI? Does it worth it? you may consider the pricing of the gigs I’m offering(link in my profile) coz in your case your packages are comparatively higher!!!

I have made $0 revenue from ads so far, and spent about $15. I have gotten a few messages, but the buyer’s budgets did not fit with my pricing so I referred them to another seller in my network who is newer to copywriting. My hope is that I will attract buyers who become recurring clients and continue to purchase from me. I plan on testing until I reach $120 spent (which is my average order revenue after Fiverr fees.) I hope I have more information to share soon.

I have better luck with attending Fiverr community events such as their Very Important Doer meeting they did last month that landed me three new repeat buyers in one session.


totally agree with your argument, till now I was working with the buyers what I would say “One Night Stand” :joy::joy::joy: but ya success on the Fiverr totally depends on “recurring clients” and now I will be focusing on that part too.