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Promoted gig feature is not working from the first day

I received the promoted gig feature since last 4 days. It is not working still 0 impressions and clicks. I set the higher bid even $3 but not gain. Can anyone have experience that where is the problem.

I have 2 gigs for 1 I have same issue. It never kicked off.

Other one actually I too good amount of orders and it was running good. But now from last 4-5 days its stuck so unable to understand how this thing actually works and on what factors it possibly depends

It should working because It is awarded from fiverr itself.

Actually…, Fiverr promotion works for me.
and even got an order from it.

I think the problem is…, you choose a wrong tag.
Fiverr promotion can help you gain visibility when ppl search your tag.

For example, your gigs with “fiverr” “fiverr promotion” tag on the last page.
and someone search “Fiverr promotion”, then your promoted gigs can show up on his browser, eventhough they didn’t go to the last page.

BUT if no one search your tag, nothing will happens.

It is working for me. I put the minimum bid price, so far I received 7 orders for the month of April. Last month I got 9. I would review your gig description and make sure is appealing to buyers. So far I am spending less than 5% of my revenue on the promoting feature which means I am having a good experience with it.

For this, You should continue promoting it. There is no harm. You will only pay the price when someone clicks on it. Just wait for some more days. And then see the MAGIC!

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