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Promoted gig has not impression

Why promoted gig have no impression, click?

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Hey, it’s better you contact Costumer Support for better answers if you are not getting impressions even with the promoted gig. There might be a bug or some issue with it.

Hope you get some better answers from them.

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They wont answer this question I have asked and just been ignored or my ticket closed its really rude

I don’t know about Promo here but on Google (and I assume the essentials are similar), paying for an advert does not guarantee that the advert is ever displayed, esp if you set a budget that is lower than the “going rate” at that time.

No doubt CS gave some sort of answer, it may have been, there is nothing wrong.

If ads for keywords like your are selling for $5 each and you put a top bid of $2 you are never going to get an impression as your bid will not win.