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Promoted Gig No improvement

After promoting my Fiverr gig, still i don’t see any improvement of fiverr promoted gig option, My niche is wordpress, I am biding $0.73.


Try to stay with promoted gig because promoted gig receive order later or faster.keep patience

Sir what if change my gigs title any other keyword, will i lose my promoted gig option?

may be it is a bug of fiverr system

Sir, what if I change my gig title to another keyword, i will lose my promoted gig option?

If you edit the title or description with right keywords your gig won’t fall or loose rank.

If your gig never appear on search that is happens for the wrong keyword/tag. Edit your gig title and description.

If your gig appears on search but never getting clicks and buyers knock that means your image preview is not that eye catchy or attractive. also description and pricing matters here. don’t price them too high.