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Promoted Gig Not promotable (Unqualified)


Unfortunately the promotion of my gigs stopped it says gig Not promotable (Unqualified).

What could be the reason

I am level 2
33 x 5 star results
no cancelations


I am facing same problem here.

I’M also facing same issue.

following for answer

I am also facing similar problem.

Anyone can suggest why?

Same problem here.
Following for the answer.

I am facing the same issue.

Facing similar issue

I am facing similar problem, i am a top rated seller and facing not just this issue in fact my gigs are appearing on the last page instead of first page.


I have both problems also.

Same for me. Last page and not promotable

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Did anyone ask the support?

Facing similar issue anyone got the answer everything fine level two no cancellation even getting promoted gig orders IDK why but suddenly it says unqualified.

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Same here! Anyone has news?

Anybody has any news about it?

same here :frowning:

I’m facing the same issue and also my gigs disappear from the search.

today, fiverr give me two more gigs to promote but all four gigs have unqualified . what is this?

Yes they give me too but this message appears Not promotable (Unqualified)

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I am facing the same - my all gigs on last page and promoted gig Not promotable (Unqualified)

I think this should be a technical issue.

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