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Promoted Gig option Falls short off gig catogory

Today fiverr off my promoted gig with description that this gig cant be promoted as it falls short of other gig service and also it will be again start once its promotable again…
I m level 2 seller with 3200+ 5 star reviews with everything 100% , So i m sure they just pushed me back so other new sellers can come to first visible pages…

Should i just wait or do some changes in gig? any lead?



how I already said in another post, Fiverr say you need to promote your gig in your social or other place…

the question is… will your gig return in first page after the rotation…!!!


Yes exactly, Should we do changes in the gig to make it more attractive ? Or wait for our turn
What i think the most of buyers just read the positive feedbacks and place the order so positive feedbacks can bring more revenue to the company?no?


we pass from 30orders a day to 3order a days … our gigs disappeared from the search results… and we have some gig with 1700feedback… if your gigs will not pop out from search engine no one see your services… this means you can have also 2000 feedbacks with 5 stars… but no one will find and see it…


Not me. I just read negative reviews. If a negative review is positive that is a good sign.

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Same here. And this is so painful :persevere:

I actually do some research and found fiverr shuffle all 1k+ positive feedback sellers to end pages and now first 20 pages are full of new sellers so new sellers can get chance to grap some clients as fiverr surely know thousands reviews seller have back of their repeated clients so they can do some work …I dont know how much time it will take to re shuffle …Hope for Best

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Indeed. Lets just wait for our turn and pray fiverr will rotate this again soon


We checked now and for our category seems they put only new sellers… the old sellers with 800~2000 or more feedback disappeared :flushed:

Now the question is: will our services return visible to new customer ? and when?

Yes it will, As per my experience this will be rotate on 1st or 14th of the date of every month. We can just wait and pray :slight_smile: