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Promoted Gig Promoted stop working

Hy fiverr expert i am facing one issue in my fiverr promoted gig recently i have received notification from fiverr that my promoted gig is stop working Please check the below message

some of you gig cannot be promoted

this gig is currently not promoted it well be once it become promoted again

Please help me

This has been discussed many times on the forums. You have read all of ONE minute of the forum. Using the SEARCH function can answer many questions you have.

Below are just a few topics on this question you have:



This means your gig didn’t meet the requirements. You can see the requirements mentioned on the fiverr help centre page here: Fiverr Help and Education Center

Edit: To add, my gig was made unavailable for promotion last week, after a few days it became eligible again. I’m assuming it is due to the additional quality metrics Fiverr uses as a reason.


Thank so much for your good response, my all requirements is fulfill my rating is 4.9,response rate ,delivery time, order completion is 100%

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