Promoted gig, repeat buyer, charged 15% extra again :\


I got a buyer by promoting gig at 15%. Yay!!! But now I got another order from the same buyer, but Fiverr took Promotion fee again. Shouldn’t that be charged only for the first order? I’ve 1 more order coming from him. So Fiverr will take promotion fee once again and it’ll go on. Shouldn’t Fiverr take promotion fee one time only?



Thanks, this is actually not a good business! I’m having 3rd order now from the same buyer in 2 days and he might have more in coming days :\


As much as I hate to be the bearer of news you may not want to hear, this is the fair price you are required to pay for asking Fiverr to promote your gig as an ad on their site. Why shouldn’t Fiverr get a percentage for the service they provide to help you increase your visibility?

You opted into the Promote Gig option. The cost is part of the opt-in.

Be happy that you got a repeat buyer out of the deal. Most sellers would love to have this repeat buyer among their clientele. :slight_smile:


I’m not saying they should not get a percentage but for every repeat order? That’s not fair.


Just to clarify, since there was no conclusion reached on my other thread:

CS got back to me and told me that they will keep charging any order that comes from the buyer that clicked your ad for 7 days.

@jonbaas As I’m sure you understand, we are not against Fiverr getting a cut of the sale they brought, but taking a cut everyday for a week, seems kind of excessive.

Just my opinion before you tell me I should be grateful I got more sales out of the promotion. :slight_smile:


I work with another (non-freelance) company that has a similar policy. This kind of thing appears to be standard in a variety of online seller-site partnerships. Since we present our work and services in their marketplace sites, we agree to their terms and policies when we sign up and partner with them. And we are bound by any changes they make to those policies, so long as we remain partnered with the services that they offer. If we feel that those site policies are too unfair, we always have the power to move on to other partnerships.

I don’t mean to sound rude here, but this is how Fiverr’s Promoted Gigs service works – and they’ve been upfront about the 7-day thing. This isn’t really a surprise. We agree to this process by opting in our gigs for added visibility. In the end, though, this ad policy only lasts for seven days. After that, as far as I am aware, everything goes back to normal.


so if he (buyer) orders your non-promoted GIG still fiverr gets his cut?


I see no reason why fiverr should not get the same percentage for every sale.

You would not have gotten this buyer without the help of the fiverr promoted ad.


so, you will get deducted whole life even if he buys your non-promoted GIGs?


No, just for seven days


To be honest, I am surprised that it is not for life. It makes more sense to me that this would be the case. The chances are that you would not have got the client without the ad so all the orders you get from that client are a result of the ad.
I am sure I will change my opinion when promoted ads are available in my categories :slight_smile: