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Promoted Gigs 2: The SERP destroyer returns

So a few hours ago Micha Kaufman tweeted to let us know that Promoted Gigs are now a thing again.

Here’s a weird vimeo link he used, which seems to be the link used internally to provide feedback for the promo video:

And the actual tweet:

Not sure how I feel about this.

Last time they tried something similar, the structure was different and the limitations in place made it sound like it could work.

It didn’t though. They made that feature disappear within a couple of months.

So now it seems like you pay for clicks, and not when you actually make a sale like last time.

My main concern is how the search results will look like for buyers when this feature fully rolls out and whether or not we’ll get clicks but not sales.


Hmm, not very hyped on the idea. I’m paying fiverr a 20% commission on sales for the lead generation. Makes little sense to pay them for publicity inside their own platform, tbh.


Well their POV is that:

“hey, if there’s too much competition in your niche, here’s a little extra boost to get you impressions.”


“If you feel like your gig is better than the rest and it deserves to be on the top of search results, VS page 5 where it currently stands, care to put your money where your mouth is?”


That would make some sense if the lead quality was there. As it is, I’m having to turn down more than half of my contacts right away because they have no clue. I get people contacting me asking me to outsource work to them (lol), to do work for free in exchange for exposure in their youtube channel (double lol), or saying they have a budget that is 1/10 or less of my basic price. If I was paying for those contacts, that would just be rubbing salt in the wound.


To be honest if I get the feature on my dashboard I will give it a spin, but I will use the cheapest, most attainable gig I have as an experiment.

No point in promoting my Pro tier gigs, as I will be paying for clicks and conversion rate will be 0 with the way the market is right now.


I don’t know… I saw that Vimeo video and to be honest I was a bit confused, that video does use fiverr fonts and some icons but the style in general is inconsistent for fiverr. And I was quite confused if it’s a real video or just someone trying to imitate it.

So I am wondering if it’s something that they rolled out as an emergency to get more revenue in this tough times.
(“If we cant get money from buyers as no one is buying right now then we will get money from sellers that are suffering and will try whatever they can” - that’s how it sounds to me. )

I don’t know if I will try it or not. Maybe I will try it, but for now I probably have mostly negative feeling from this. I can only imagine how wrong it can go.


Well as far as the video goes, let me tell you that it’s not uncommon.

They hire a wide variety of sellers for all their promo videos, (I’ve even made 2-3 for them as well) so the style used was just the specific art direction from the seller they hired.

They published a survey around the end of last year, asking questions about promoted gigs. So my bet is it was planned to roll out a bit later, but they expedited the launch.

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Is calling Micha Kaufman a twit really necessary?

(I think you meant tweeted). :wink:

They could have made the search a world better for buyers and sellers already, by removing inactive gigs. Whenever I venture into the search I find 8+ pages of results for most categories that are full of gigs that either have zero reviews or have never made a sale.

As for how this will work, I see it as possibly starting a race to the bottom in terms of quality. Your average seller crying about low sales usually can’t spell their own name. They will likely dive into this feature first.

Then there is the point @visualstudios just made about lead quality. My average inbox message goes something like:

I’m looking to find someone to help in creating content for a beard from mint company.

(Received a moment ago.- I have no idea what it means.)


I need content for my website. Give me your best offer.

(Meaning, "I need to talk with you for a full day about a very nonsensical business idea that I have no idea how to implement and my maximum budget is $5, but I’d ideally like to pay less.")

I can’t pay for ads. It will be like throwing money into a pit of lobotomy patients.

What will be interesting to see, is whether Fiverr lets buyers know they are clicking paid listings. Google recently got in hot water for removing the “Ad” symbol from paid listings, and had to reverse the change within 48-hours.

I guess we will see, but I’m not optimistic TBH.


Yeah, paying for leads makes no sense. What would make sense is paying for orders, say, 20% of the value of the orders you get? Oh, wait…


Thank you for uncovering my Freudian slip there @cyaxrex

All valid points, and yes my main concern is the kind of sellers that will choose to promote their “professional logo designs”.

Not sure how this will play out.

@visualstudios that’s actually how the previous roll out of this feature worked. You only paid an additional percentage per sale (you chose whether it would be 5%, 10% or 15%. The higher the percentage, the more your ad appeared in SERP)


I call that double dipping. They are already charging 20% for the lead generation. That system will just be a race to the bottom. “Hey, i’ll pay you 90%, give me ALL THE CLIENTS”.

I guess it will work great for turn key gigs (pay me and I send you a pre-made pdf). It’s horrible for any type of gig that involves, you know, actual work.



Well this is Fiverr’s response to the over-saturation of the marketplace.

“Too many sellers in one category? Here is some dope so you can rise above the rest artificially. That will be $20. Oh and if you don’t close, that’s on you. I got you the clicks.”

I think they got shareholders to please. So getting a new stream of revenue is priority #1.

Fun fact:
As one of Fiverr’s shareholders myself, I am not happy with their decision. :slight_smile:


Had it and sold it. Makes no sense, much better opportunities out there. All in on Tesla, daddy Musk <3

I did some calculations of all my streams of income last month (due to corona effect and all that) and in nearly 5 years for the first time it really hit me how much -20% was. With that in mind, I don’t like the news at all.

Cue to the “fiverr favours certain sellers over the others” complaints turning into “certain sellers buy their way to the top”.


Excellent point. I can currently watch my response rate drop daily because I thought I can risk to trust the “won’t harm your response rate” and just click the spam button without replying to see if it currently reflects the truth (did have enough messages when that spam came in, now, after my rate dropped, suddenly not anymore). Now imagine I’d have paid money to have that spammer notice my gig … I’d effectively have paid to ruin my response rate, and, who knows with the current situation, perhaps enough to be leveled down next evaluation date.

Paying for your gig to stand out, will also mean standing out to all the spammers :thinking:

Of course, seeing how many people don’t get orders or even messages currently, it might be an excellent way for Fiverr to earn money from the people who are getting desperate for sales in this situation.


Fiverr is hella amazing at doing business :joy::joy::joy:

Oofff, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. I’m literally down 90% of my sales cause of the current pandemic and more clicks probably aren’t going to help. I can’t think of this as anything other than Fiverr trying to minimize the impact the whole COVID-19 situation is having on businesses around the world.

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Or, you know, their own bottom line…


As a corporate entity, everything Fiverr does is for its own bottom line. I hope they at least try to make it worth it for people. I’ll be giving it a shot to see how well it works depending on WHEN I get it.

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So they are proposing that we pay for extra exposure in a system where the only way to verify if we are indeed getting extra exposure (clicks or views) is through metrics that only they can supply?

I think I’ll give it a hard pass.