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Promoted gigs are not worth it

Here are my results after spending the $10 offer. Suffice to say, I won’t be spending another cent given the abysmal results. I got one contact from the clicks, and it was a low quality lead that went nowhere. Very disappointing.


For some it works great … making 5 times more than you actually pay for those clicks is good in my opinion , I had a a few time wasters from those clicks though which was a bit upsetting but other than that it’s ok


Not really, because you have to do the work. You already pay 20% to Fiverr. If you are paying $1 in promotion to get $4 per $5 worth of orders, that’s another 20%. So, in practice, you are paying $2 for every $4 you make. That’s 50%.

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For me it works great


Doing the math on your revenue / orders, that’s an average of $55 per order. Maybe it works for that. For $500+ gigs, I just don’t see it happening. If your math checks out, I would have to pay more than $100 to get a single order (with no guarantees). No thanks.

On top of that, you can’t know if those people who ordered through promoted gigs wouldn’t end up ordering from you anyway, for free. It’s not like you don’t appear in the search at all if you don’t pay. It’s impossible to know which orders you only got due to promotion, so the ratio is even worse.

Even if it works as you said, for every $5 worth of orders, you’ll be making $4 (20% comission), and you’ll be paying an extra $1 for the promotion (1:5 ratio). That’s equivalent to making $3 out of every $5. How would you feel if Fiverr charged 40% commission instead of 20%? Because in practice, mathematically, that’s what it is (assuming the 1:5 ratio).

Not to mention the potential for abuse - you are paying per click. Anyone can go and keep clicking on your ads, making you pay, with no intention to ever order. Someone doesn’t like you? Make 10 bot buyer accounts and keep clicking your promoted gigs. If the payment was done per order placed, then it would make sense, paying per click is just too risky and prone to exploitation.

There’s no lead qualification either - you can’t say “promote this gig only to people willing to spend $xxxx+”. Fiverr will show it to pretty much anyone, and you can get people with a $5 budget wasting your money by clicking on your $1000 gig out of curiosity that, of course, they will never order.


So I think “promoted gig” is perfect for those who’re not getting any order or gig is de ranked.
If you’re Top rated seller or gig is already in first page so what do need to promote gig :wink: