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Promoted Gigs Experience :)

Maybe 2 days Ago i have Received One Mail From Fiverr You’re invited! Promote your Gigs its really fantastic Feature Because i have spent 0.10$ And Received Two ORDER :blush: This Feature is Really Helpful For Seller But i have One Question Fiverr Auto Select my one gig For Promotion why i can’t Promote Other Gig


Congratulations but maybe you should keep low profile. You have duplicates of same GIG which is not allowed on Fiverr.

“low quality software like Filmora”

Uh, and calling Filmora low quality is also not good for you since a lot of YT beginners and PRO use Filmora, especially with new updates and PRO version.

You can use transparent MOV in Filmora. I use them all the time.

Calling people “Dear” in GIG description is also a risky approach.

But if all of this is working for you, do not change it.

"Promote your gigs" option is really helpful but does everyone can do it?

Even new sellers ? :roll_eyes:

Cause this gig most choiceable to the buyer thats way i think.

Thank you for you’r response i have some question for you…
don’t mind can you please share any tutorial video for this (You can use transparent MOV in Filmora. I use them all the time.) its really helpful for me :slight_smile:
For Dear i’m read fiverr policy but about dear word is not mention in any policy if mention so please can you share link i will read and careful next time :slight_smile:
and about low quality software i’m used this word because Compare to Adobe and Filmora so obviously filmora is beginner and also lot of time i recommended to client use filmora in starting


So, as I said, you can import any kind of video in Filmora and use it. You can not export from Filmora X with alpha channel and transparency. My remark was on label “low quality software”. Filmora X is user friendly software targeting audience that is doing videos for Youtube and similar things. For advance usage you have Filmora PRO. Both of these programs are one time payment lifetime upgrade.

If people need more advanced control over video they have Davinci Resolve studio that is in all ways equal or better then Adobe, but free.

Adobe is a great program but the advantage Adobe has on the market is a wide range of presets and templates. Without that Adobe is a very confusing environment to work in if you haven’t started in there long time ago.

VSDC video editor can export with PNG transparency. And the price is ridicules 20$ for entire program.

This does not a matter of policy, this is a matter of cultural differences. In business, it is not recommended to call people/clients dear. Same as pointing with the middle finger. Different cultures have different rules and in multinational businesses, we all must be flexible. In some cultures it is normal to call everybody bro, brother… that is not acceptable in other countries.

Also, Adobe Premiere pro is paid monthly. If you are not a designer and using it on daily basis and making a steady income with it Adobe is a huge waste of money.

Can you provide me any Tutorial Video Or Any Article ?

I do not understand. What tutorial, you have video you import it just as any other video.

There is no difference.

What problems do you get when you import MOV? Maybe that is the better question.

if you import transparent video with alpha channel than filmora show you with black background filmora not support Alpha channel transparent if support please share with me

Are you using Filmora X or PRO licensed version with latest update?

Please kindly note that FilmoraPro supports import and export of transparent videos using the alpha channel, but not animated GIFs.

Please I got this from fiverr
Does this mean I can promote my gig now

Pleas if yes, how can I go about it???

I have no idea, I never got that message. What happens when you click on promote your gig?

It only take me to a page and the page does not give me any access to promote my gig

Okay but how do I know I am eligible for gig promotion?

You will have a new tab called “promoted gigs” next to “messages” “more” etc.

This on top menu

Ooh! Okay thanks for that

Okay I get that thanks alot