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Promoted Gigs Feature At Level 1🤔


So, I’m kind of confused right now lol.

When I went to Fiverr, I saw that I had received the Promoted Gigs feature and I would get a $10 gift to start.

I read a little about Promoted Gigs and saw that you had to be at least a Level 2 Seller, but I’m only a Level 1 seller.

I’ve included some screenshots of my pages.

Has this happened before? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!



Yes it’s been mentioned on the forum before. Someone said they were given the feature when they were level 1 but close to level 2 so maybe even though the help says min level 2 the actual check is for something close to it. Also when I was demoted from level 2 to level 1 it still gave me that option.


Thanks @uk1000 for the info!

Another quick question: What gig categories are eligible for promotion?

I read around in the Forum and I found some info, but it was a little outdated and when I tried to open the link to the list of eligible categories, it kept taking me to this page.

Here’s the link:

The help page for it seems messed up now.

You could check the bottom of this page (it says the categories that were initially available but there are more now, since it let me promote gigs that aren’t in those categories listed below):

I don’t know of a page that shows the full list sorry. Maybe CS could be contacted to fix the help page and maybe put the up to date list there.

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