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Promoted Gigs features user Experience

Can you guys please tell me about Promoted gigs features uses experience? I am using it last 20 days after getting this feature but just see get 51 impressions and 6 clicks.

Using Promoted gigs features Fiverr automatically promotes my gig to another seller? It is really worked? If anyone gives me a proper solution I will be very happy to know it and used it.


I am using this, It is not worked. I have lost my gig ranking for using this. :sob: :sob: :sob:


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I did not care for the feature. I think it works best for sellers who a higher average selling price.


it works best for me loved it!

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The results are OK for me, but I would expect to get more impressions. Even if I setup CPC at values as $0.11, $0.49, $0.99, $1.49 or even $1.99, the impressions remained approximate the same. I would expect at least hundreds of impressions per day, but I get only 20 - 60 (impressions per day). Probable something is missing me… I have to run more experiments.

I don’t know if it worths to promote $5 gigs, but for higher values it’s reasonable, if you provide good services.


It works very well for me. I think it is an amazing feature!


It works for me, it’s great.

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my present average selling price is 98 but did not work perfectly. don’t know why

why it is not working for me?

my basic price is 30 and my average selling price is 98 but don’t know why it is nor working for me.

Why don’t you put here a screenshot with your ads stats? Maybe we can see something what you’re missing.

I am jealous! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I wish it had worked for me as well as it did for you.🥸:wink:


It can work for sellers with high average price gigs who are in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th page. It helps them to appear in the first page. I used to be in the first page and first line. When i started promoting gigs, my impressions, clicks and orders fell from simple gig page statistics and raised to promoted gig page. It doesn’t worth for someone who is already first. When fiverr transfered all my gigs in the last page before a week, they stopped running my promoted gigs also.

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are ads worked only online time? I am confused about it. if you know please tell me details.

why it is not working for me? can you give me any suggestion?


You should adjust your bid by increasing it for a few days, then lowering it for another a few days. After 30 days you should get an idea about if ads worth for your gig or not, if your gig should get some changes in title, tags, description, image, video, etc.

Until now, I noticed (and I’m not the first seller who see this) that since I’m using ads, my gigs’ exposure decreased in organic searches (and increased the exposure did by ads).

It’s very weird and non-productive for Fiverr, because the ranking algorithm should help us (sellers who are spending money on ads). We should get more impressions in Fiverr’s searches, not to get a lower exposure inside organic searches made by buyers.

If you’ll buy advertising from FB, Google, Bing, SoundCloud, or other popular platforms, then your organic visits will increase (not only the ones from ads). It’s their interest (of the platforms mentioned above) to give you a small help in organic searches, because you’re a “premium” content publisher. (you’re buying ads).

But on Fiverr, it seems that as more you’ll bid to get impressions (via ads), then as lower your organic visits will be. Starting with next month I will stop using Fiverr’s ads if nothing will change (to be like at ads from Google, Bing, FB, etc). I can’t afford to kill my organic exposure due to Fiverr’s ads.

Also, I noticed that for some gigs their ads seems to not increase impressions, even if I bid $3 per click.

Also, the quality of customers I’ve got via ads until now is very low. One order is cancelled (the buyer tried to impose his terms and get a lot of free work), and another customer has a shop with a single product (he is a beginner who expects to become rich with a single product)…

From organic searches I’ve got almost all buyers very well targeted and high quality. From ads… I can’t say this.

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I have not been very impressed with the promoted gigs thus far. Right now I am maxed out on both daily budget, and my bid. I have had zero orders, and i have been tracking the impressions and it has not changed from 204 for some days… I thought maybe it is due to other gigs outperforming mine however, my actual gig is quite decent, Fiverrs choice, large revenue per month, great customer feedback.

I agree with proadvert9 regarding organic searches decreasing, running these ads seems to tie into my gig being nuked…

The issue is its like a game of cat and mouse, you see your gig performance worse off and you react and thus make assumptions about the feature. However from my experience this far, its not working as i thought it would, as there is a cap on the bidding, how do two gigs paying the same compete? Fiverr needs to remove the cap and let the highest bidder win, like other advertising platforms. If running ads destroys your natural order then this should be highlighted, every since i started using this feature my gig performance has been on a downward trajectory.

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Many thanks for this post. Now it’s clear for me that Fiverr’s advertising program is damaging my gigs. I already stopped all promotion.

I was very happy when I was notified about this program, but after weeks I’m very disappointed. I couldn’t imagine that using Fiverr’s ads will outrank my gigs so brutally.

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