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Promoted Gigs Issue


There is Bug in Promoted Gig Feature…
If you set Promotion fee to 5% or 10% and got some orders …
while the orders are delivered and not marked as completed if you change your fee to 15% then you ll be charged 15% instead of the initial amount you selected before receiving that order.


Hm. Interesting find.


Really!!! So, I should switch my amount to 5% from 10% or turn it off after receiving an order from that. $$$

Hmm. Done, let’s wait for the result.


@taverr @king_of_kings Guys how are the promoted gigs working for you?


Super-Duper-Amazing! :grin:
Now I am getting more orders on my worst performing gig than my best selling gig.


Hi @taverr,
May I ask, how can a seller use the promoted gig feature?
How can I become eligible to use it?
How did you?


By any means, could we know if the order came through an AD ?


There will be a small “AD” text beside the order title.
@pickera : This is automatic and is currently available in a few sub-categories.


@taverr: I see.

So where do I define the % amount,
and do you know on which categories is this available?
Thanks for your help :wink:


Taverr, so there was some poster screaming in another thread that there isn’t a “SMALL” ad text.

Would you mind posting an screenshot for the rest of us to see so I could prove my point in that thread?


Here you go - :grin:


Oh that.
No, but I was talking about in the search results page.

They were suppose to show that little sign on the gig images. Isn’t that happening?


I think promoted gigs will be very bad for sellers

It just says AD in tiny letters in the upper left of the gig thumbnail.


Thanks Taverr!
now brb with this new ammo! :smiling_imp:


No, I don’t know.
Btw, you can only define the % amount when you have it. :slight_smile:


I appreciate the help,


It is great feature ! amazing … but few days i did not received any orders i don’t know why…


Taverr they must rotate those paid ad placements around with lots of others. I looked twice for your
magnificent flat logo gig in the logo section and didn’t find it. I was wondering how they could only have four gigs or just a few gigs up there on top. Since I couldn’t see yours there, they have to be rotating them on and off the top line.


Yes probably because they rotate it on and off the top line.