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Promoted Gigs- more than 1?

I want to promote more than 1 gig? I have searched everywhere- how can I promote more than 1 gig at a time?


Hi, Welcome to the community.
As per knowledge fiverr selects your gigs for promotion, so you can’t do manually. wait for them to do.

I hope you have your answe.

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Hi! Thanks so much for responding. I appreciate it! This makes total sense! but WHYYYY haha! Thanks again!

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Thats because every seller on the platform gets equal chance of promotion. and it ll not over stuff the promotion. if every one and every gig ll be on promotion, then who will get ranked?

I’m currently promoting 3 gigs…

Fiverr first has to manually select you for the Promoted Gigs feature, and as more of your gigs become eligible, you’ll be able to promote them.


Hi, welcome. Promoted gigs are for anyone who has more the 13 orders completed on a gig. (This is what I heard, but I am under correction).

Is there anything in your knowledge that what could have us unqualified from promoted gigs option? I am unqualified and trying to figure out the reason.

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promoting your gig will add value to your profile but as per my concern, while you create a new gig your title and tag should not be the same as the old one just try to add variation to your skill which will help you to attract a different class of buyer besides your first gig should come in an impressive stage then create a new one which is my suggestion may or may not work but had worked with me that is the reason I recommended and it’s only my personal perception,