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Promoted gigs not promotable anymore message showing unqualified

I was offered this feature to promote my gigs, I used that feature and got many orders but then one day i received notification that gigs cannot be promoted anymore. Does anyone know cause of this problem and how to solve it or how long does it take to get solved.


Hi Everyone,

i Am Facing this Issue as Well
Level 2 With 350+ Projects

All Of A Sudden When they Added 2 new Gigs into my Promotion Option all of my Gigs Went Unqualified and All of My Gigs Went Dead Can’t Even Find them on Last Page even if they were on the First Page all the time.

I have Contact Customer Service but didn’t Got any Clear answer just saying all is good it will take time etc…
It has been 13+ Days

If Anyone Of You Have Resolved it somehow Please Share with Us how we can resolve this

Thank You


Pretty simple, the message from Fiverr said they don’t qualify anymore.

There are requirements to meet in order to have the Promoted Gigs feature.

To be clear on what they are, review the Fiverr ToS which should explain all you need to know.

If you qualified once, you probably will qualify again…provided you meet all the requirements.


I talked about it to some other sellers, they said this feature comes back and gigs go back to their normal spot after some time, some of them got it back in 10 days some in 30 days and some got it in long time. If you have repeat buyers then provide quality services and it will be back to normal soon.

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There’s no reason mentioned in the ToS as to why my gigs can’t be promoted suddenly

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Hi Everyone,

I Hope Everyone is Doing Well.
I Resolved this Issue Somehow It Started on 3 March and Ended On 19 March for me

What i Did That i think Worked for me

  1. First I Didn’t Changed Anything in My gigs Not even a Single word Nothing

  2. I Stayed Active For Almost All Days Every Day

  3. I Contacted Most of my Old Clients for work So I got the work Within these days I Get 10+ Orders and Get 5 Star Reviews On them Based on My Quality of work

So As per my Understanding 3rd Point was the point that helped me to get out of this Situation

You Have to Get Orders and Get 5 Stars Almost 1 or 2 Daily if someone has any questions feel free to ask me

Thank You

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I am facing this issue as well.
I got the gig promotion option and they took it away 2 days later and now none of my gigs are visible on the first page they even lost their natural ranking.
Is there any way to fix this issue

many of those accounts which were chosen for this feature are facing this problem, we all tried to contact support team but they told us to keep doing the god work and it will be back soon. some sellers got it back in 10 days some got it in 30 days. you may look at above mentioned comments about how they tackled this issue. I also lost this and did not get it back yet it has been 15 days.

Thank you i will check them and hope that it gets fixed for me as well :slight_smile:

so now your gig is back in search or not?

nope, still there where i was

I’m facing this issue since 3rd march. still the same.

Some sellers added video to gigs and got some orders through buyer requests and after 1 week they were back, you can also try this i just added video and now waiting for old clients to give me orders.

I had completed almost 8+ order of old clients but nothing happened. :confused: