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Promoted Gigs not qualified

Can somone please tell me why me gigs are stopped from being promoted? See the image below:

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I heard at a Fiverr webinar that things like this can happen because of buyer’s secret reviews. Some buyers will give you a good public review but a not so good secret review. :confused:

Click on ! and read why your gig is not promotable

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It could also have something to do with the amount of orders you have gotten. Like mine became eligible after I got a few more orders than usually. And another gig in the same category with no orders at all basically is not eligible.

Edit: Nevermind. Some hours after typing this I got the message saying my gigs are not qualified anymore. But I have received lots of orders, so disregard what I said about needing a specific amount of orders made.

Many Level.1 sellers first gets the “Promoted Gig” feature, but now they’re removing Level.1 sellers.

Because in fiverr, almost every 2 out of 3 seller is level one. And if they give this promoted gig feature to evey seller, the organic searches will be disturbed for new sellers. Because, then the main SERP of fiverr will only become the paid SERP and no one will rank organicaly.

In my opinion, they’re removing these feature from all Lvl.1 sellers onl Lvl.2 and Top Rated can have access to it.

Because now my gig is again getting better as past when the promoted gig was only for Lvl.2 and Top Rated.

Now, they are removing all the Level.1 sellers from Promoted Gig because 99% of Level.1 seller use it and then there would be no space for organic searches.

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That’s not true, i am TRS and have my gigs stopped from promoting. negative rating in background may be a reason, i dunno.

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