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Promoted Gigs not working for me


Fiverr Promoted Gigs feature not working for me from last 3 months. it’s showing gig promotion option in my seller dashboard I start promoting my gigs and choose maximum bid but from last 3 month 0 impression, 0 clicks and zero-order I don’t know whats the problem I contact support but they can’t explain whats the problem. this feature was working perfect 3 months ago but suddenly stop working for me.

Is there any other person facing the same issue?


Here’s what I did…and it got me a ton of impressions…a few clicks and some jobs.

You say you’ve used the “maximum bid” suggested.

I TRIPLED the maximum “suggested” bid.

You won’t get noticed if you don’t think outside the box.

Hope that helps.


Hi Looseink,

I set maximum $3 not able to increase more if I increase ad not activating (notice bid should be $0.1 to $3usd)

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I have the same problem

How is this the maximum bid is $3 only

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So go with the maximum.

With my “Promoted Gig” there was a “Suggested Bid” and THAT was what I tripled.

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It was the “Suggested Bid” amount I tripled.


Same issue here! I think it has bugged my gig visibility, too

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Yep, me too. As soon as I set up promoted gigs my impressions have dropped 75% in 4 days… Not sure if the two are related but I’m also not getting any impressions from the promoted gigs no matter how high I set the bid!

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I edit my gigs and every thing now normal.

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I have no idea that we can promote our gigs!

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Can you tell us what exactly did you change? I have the same problem. 3 months with zero impressions and maximum $3 bid?

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Not all sellers can promote their Gigs. Only certain categories and Levels can.



I went through the same thing.
After one month of using the “promoted gig” feature. Now I decided to disable the feature. I have asked CS several times and they always replied that the feature is fine, without a solution.

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Try to bid atleast 0.37.