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hello @bhumitbhatt123

im promoting my vector gig on fiverr “PROMOTED GIG” for 15%.

i was received 15 order in starting and its working good.
but now its continue down impression click and view,
and also not getting any order even i also send buyer request daily but still not working.

can any one help me.???

maybe other sellers with same gig are promoting THEIR gigs?

i dont know , maybe.

Well… I don’t even have the new feature to promote my gigs… I get all updates so late!!! :pensive::pensive::pensive::tired_face:

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Dont worry … have faith on you , And trust in your heart that You can do it :blue_heart:


Where did this come from? Is there any feature available to promote yourself? :scream:


This feature is only available to selected sellers. Not everyone can promote themselves. I have a featured gig, so I was chosen to be able to promote this.


Noone gives you the guarantee that you will get flooded with orders. This feature is just allowing you to have more exposure.

You know, success on Fiverr can be achieved. Honesty plays a big role. Why did you copy someone elses gig description??

I suggest you change it and make it your own before someone reports you.



@bhumitbhatt123 I would not worry about it. Just because your gig is promoted does not mean that someone would purchase it.
I suggest you change your gig description, just like @annai80 suggests, and probably your gig pics to keep your gig looking new, or to experiment to see if you get better conversions.

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Why I get everything so late constantly​:cry::disappointed_relieved::sleepy:

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I stopped using that feature long ago. The reason, when fiverr decided to promote my gig, I went ahead and made a somehow similar one that I could promote by myself and see the difference. After 10 days the one fiverr was promoting had only 3 sales while the one I was promoting had over 10. I realized that there is a difference between (featured and promoted) gigs. Promoted are stamped with an Ad icon while featured are stamped with a star.

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If I had the power to give you that feature I would because I don’t even use it.


That’s so nice of you :slight_smile: :wink:
It’s okay! I’m Good :nerd_face::money_mouth_face:

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The feature also comes at a price of 5, 10 or 15%. Once you enable it and make any sale from that gig fiverr will charge the percentage you choose + the original fiverr %. So it would be 20%(15% X total sale price / 100) This calculation might be slightly wrong but in the end you will have to pay for that promotion if you make any sales

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Aww… That is a rough business plan :frowning::scream:
Say no more. I already forget that features existence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The feature is not available to all users. I don’t have it and it seems that those who do have it provide logo services.
The logo category is highly competitive on Fiverr which is why Fiverr is beta testing it for that category.

I don’t know why you haven’t listened to previous requests of plagiarism. Honesty comes before anything.

Best of luck.

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Agreed with @servaughn on it.


thanks for help…:+1:

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Tell us about how you promote your gigs would help alot