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Promoted gigs not working


I was using the promoted gigs feature 90 days ago everything was great, after that without any reason Fiverr decide to turn off that feature for me. Now I get it back however even I put a bid price of $3 nothing happens. I did reach support and they didn’t help at all with their auto answers.


Same problem with me. They will not help at all, they are pretending that everything is just fine and they say they can not guarantee impressions.

I think they are even doesn’t know what impression means! Worst CS ever

Hi, your problem has resolved or still not

There is no resolve for this… its random algorithm you can have best rating, biggest bidding price but noone care, algorithm is simply random

What we can do? I have sent to CS and them don’t solve this problem

nothing, forgot about it mabe you will have luck in next rotation

Hey! was this problem solved for you? How did you solve that problem please tell me.