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Promoted Gigs number is going down? Are they only 30 days?

I cannot find this in any of the explanations of how promoted gigs work. It looks like Promoted Gigs page only tells you the benefits and hype, but does not really have a FAQs section which would help sellers understand them better.

So, I have 5 promoted gig sales and it tells how much we spent and earned, but now that number has done down to 3. I already made 5 sales and I don’t think Fiverr will take them back, so since it shows only 3 promoted gig sales, I am thinking it only shows the past 30 days. I thought it was cumulative forever, but I guess not.

Has this happened to other sellers and does anyone know the answer?

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This may help answer your questions.

Go to fiverr help center, there you can find good information also about promote your gig… @hotwebideas
greeti9ngs @vivi123


Thank you for the link, Vivi!

@hotwebideas The dashboard shows data based on “last 30 days” by default.
If you’d like to see a wider range, you can change it using the dropdown.
(and yes, it’s cumulative)

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amirbeno, thank you. I see that I have 7 altogether. Is there a way to filter my Orders page to show only the sales from promoted gigs?


@hotwebideas currently, there is no such filter option. But you can look for the Promoted badge that indicates that an order was submitted post ad-click.