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"Promoted Gigs" service not of much help

I recently received a message from Fiverr offering me to be a part of their “Promoted Gigs” trial phase. I agreed and activated this for my logo design gig. I chose the highest plan (15% of the gig value, over and above the standard 20%), but havent yet received any order through the promoted gig.

The non promoted version of the same gig is doing as usual. Has anyone of you experienced any serious jump in sales using this?

I haven’t had the chance to try it, but as it’s still in testing phase, I wouldn’t expect it to work fully. I haven’t yet seen any Ad gigs in searches, so I assume it’s only you and other testers who can see them. Or the categories are just very limited.

Yes I don’t think I’ve gotten the opportunity to try that. But I am curious to see who has had the experience of trying it!

Are we moaning about features that aren’t true features yet now?

Jolly good.