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Promoted in level 1

Hello friends,
I have completed all requirements of Fiverr level 1, but I not promoted in level 1 by Fiverr.
Anyone please explain me.


Do you see any evaluation date assigned above the part you have shared?

Yes, 15-dec

Keep patience please.

Thanks for your help!!

Yes, if the date is still today that means in your region it is still not 15. December.

So for everyone out there, you should not wait for 15 but 16 to get your level.

16 is 15 to most countries and time zones.

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Are you saying once the evaluation is complete it will change to a January evaluation date? Mine still says December 14th for my evaluation date. I thought it was odd.

Yes, that is how it works. If you suppose to get the next level and the date is still current that means you should wait. But if the date is next month and you suppose to get it today then it is a CS issue. If you need the level for any reason. otherwise waiting 30 days is the only option.

The worst case is if you are on the edge with requirements on 14th. So technically you think you have everything in time but the system could register everything fragment of time later and voila, waiting 30 days it is.
In Europe it is still not 15th as per Fiverr time.

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@manoj_2nd Congratulation