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Promoted to Level 1 and sells dropped suddenly

Hello there,
I am writing this post because I am very new here and do not know some issues with fiverr.
I was promoted to level 1 seller last week.
But interesting part is, after promotion my sells dropped to zero. I was getting 3/4 orders every day. Earned a huge amount like nearly $500 within 7 days.
But after promotion it dropped to zero! Don’t know why.

I have studied lots of forum discussions, the Fiverr blog and other tips tricks also. Applied them to my gig, but no work.

I need help! Really I need a big help!

Is there anyone with an honest good heart who can help me from heart? Not only for replying to this post, is there anyone he really wants to help me out from this situation???

Waiting for your response guys! Those who had experienced the same thing before and solved it out, please share your experience!

Thanking you
A newbie Graphics Designer
Shahriar Shuvo

There is no one solution to this, but a good possibility would be to start marketing and promoting your gigs to your target customers (wherever they may be located). Sales rise and fall on Fiverr all the time. You should not, however, expect Fiverr to be your only source of sales. Get out there and promote, promote, promote! :slight_smile:


It also helps to ‘renew’ your gigs. New title’s, new hastags and images. Maybe add a video to your gigs? Cheers!

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