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Promoted to Level-1 Seller but no orders :(


Recently, I’ve been promoted to Fiverr’s Level-1 Seller. From many days, I’m not getting orders and inquiries that I used to get earlier.

Please help me, Check out my Fiverr profile and please suggest me some tips.

Thank you


Many days? Only five days have passed since your promotion, and becoming a Level 1 seller in just two months is a remarkable achievement. Your last delivery was yesterday and you have one order in queue. It seems fine to me.


Ya. But, earlier I used to get 1-2 orders daily :cry:

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dont worry, be happy, the level program its a 60 days system n.n


1 or 2 orders daily and only 17 reviews overall?

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1-2 orders also includes messages from buyers.

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Thank you… :slight_smile:

Bhavik, orders are orders. Messages are messages.
To evaluate the trend of your sales you need more time; ups and downs are a normal thing.


I do recommend you to go ahead and read this post :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing such a motivational piece

You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure. :relaxed:

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