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Promoted to Level 2, then demoted to Level 1


I’d sure love some help on this! I looked to see if this discussion was posted, and I found a lot on TRS, but not on my issue…

I’ve been with Fiverr since September 2012. We reached Level 1 right away, and when I thought we’d reached the criteria for Level 2, I started chatting with Customer Support, and they said that there are “other factors”. We did 200+ gigs in 3 months, with 100% positive ratings, but they wouldn’t tell me what the other factors are.

I started asking again a few weeks ago, and voila!! We were at level 2!! I thanked the Support rep, but within 2 days, we were back to Level 1. And when I asked customer support about it, this is what they said (on 12/12)

We are reviewing this issue and this may take some time to resolve on our end, however we will keep you updated.

Thank you for the patience and we will update you soon in the same support ticket.

I haven’t heard back from them. But then I noticed this seller: fragglesrock [Sheriff’s note: please do not name names] at Level 2 with 94% satisfaction and fewer ratings.

Can someone help me understand?

Is this objective or subjective? If I’ve screwed up somewhere, I sure don’t know where it is.

Thanks for your help!


Do you recall any situation where you have a Terms-of-Service violation?

If not, it could be as simple as it twas an error …that is, maybe the getting level 2 was…or maybe the losing it was and they’re trying to find the error.

But TOS violations can lose you levels.

Also your “refund” rate can impact your levels.


Thank you for writing, Anarchofighter!

Would you believe that I heard from tech support this morning. Voila! I’m level 2 again. I should have been level 2 a year ago.

The customer service rep said… "This was a technical issue and it shouldn’t happen again."

I knew I hadn’t violated any TOS, and I haven’t had a cancelation in over a year.

It’s just odd!




That’s great for you! Another case where Fiverr Support comes through.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


That is great news a real celebration.

Taps VoiceOverWorks and lhinmn’s glasses.