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Promoting gigs on personal website - need advice


I’m new on Fiverr and I am still trying to figure out exactly how to promote my gigs. I have heard of people who say that promoting them on their personal website that is related to the gigs is helpful.

I would like to start doing that, as I already have a personal website but, since my gigs are about blog post writing and translations I’m a bit lost on how to do that.
If you have any advice please don’t hesitate in replying to this question :slight_smile:

My gigs:

@anaritaaleluia promote your GIG social media every day send 10 buyer request for new seller

Thank you for your advice I just didn’t understand the “send 10 buyer request for new seller” bit. What do you mean by that?

You have a personal website which means that you can use fiverr links to your gig as banners or links on articles, you can also use your website as an affiliate, website is yours you have the power to promote your gigs as you want!

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Fiverr given option for every seller send 10 buyer request for getting JOB. I mean if you send buyer requests every day you can archive your First job.
I think you understood

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Thank you very much!

I understand now, thank you for the clarification!