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Promoting gigs on social media and getting blackmailed by scammers

I was going through my facebook newsfeed and found a weird post that a Fiverr level 2 seller is being blackmailed by someone on facebook. Let me explain what happened.

The scammer purchased gigs of a fiverr level 2 seller from 2 different accounts. Than the scammer contacted the fiverr seller on his personal facebook profile and demanded that the seller pay him $300 otherwise the scammer will cancel all the orders and report about the seller. (Screenshot attached)


Now a days promoting gigs on social media is must but if this kind of blackmailing incidents increase than many sellers will avoid promoting their gigs on social media.

I think this is a very serious issue and Fiverr should take some initiative to protect the sellers from scammers.


No it isn’t at all.

And if all you’re doing is posting your gig link with a call to action and hashtags, you’re going to attract scammers because they know you’re desperate and that you don’t understand marketing.

Promotion doesn’t mean just posting your gig repeatedly.

Social media marketing can only help you sell if you’re sharing insights and understand how social converts into buyers. No one who promotes as you describe understands that. They just post their gig and tell people to buy it. That never makes someone successful.


You’ve been dropping some really good points as comments! I admire your work.


Thanks very much. :slight_smile:


I tried to find this on Facebook, that I do not use at all, and this came up as result:

And so much Fiverr accounts for sale, I do not understand how are they doing that. I understand the concept, sell email account, sell password, but what about Paypal, bank data…

Between forum and facebook, I should x on both browsers and move on with my day:

Facepalm :smiley:

Regarding the blackmailer, screenshot all, send to CS and ask for them to cancel order.

Sooner or later, all this accounts will be blocked… And people who allow to sell their accounts with personal information - they can become just a victim of fraud.

The only right desicion is to avoid anything like this.

Fake accounts, fake comments, any fake activity - Fiverr will detect it sooner or later and block all of them

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It’s really amazing how people will try to take advantage of everything and everyone, and work 10x harder to do so instead of just doing their best at honest work. :expressionless:

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Well, that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. :grin:

When 1st real buyer comes along, your talent will make or break you. Not to mention a few fake reviews won’t really get you noticed among a million other gigs.

This exactly the reason why experienced/good buyers ignore reviews, especially on new accounts. What a complete waste of money. :woman_facepalming:

I wonder how much money is spent on fake reviews each month? Until this gets cleaned up, 5r will continue to have an image problem.