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Promoting Gigs on Social Media?

Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if any of you have promoted your gigs on social media and does it help? I created two recently and wasn’t sure if it was worth it or not.

Also, if you have any ideas on how I can improve my gigs, I’m all ears.

Thanks in advance,

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I haven’t promoted any gigs on social media, but based on what I’ve read in the forum, promoting it on social media doesn’t help at all!


Thanks - that was my gut feeling but wanted to make sure.

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Hello there,
I think, for social media promotion to work, you need to share it to an audience who needs the type of services you are providing. My advice would be to share your gig with a niche (the niche you are targeting) focused groups on the social media platform you are using.


thanks for your suggest

which social media platform best for sharing our gig?

Facebook groups. For example, I am a 3d game artist, so I talk about my services on Indie Game developers groups.

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interesting , thanks for your suggest

You are Welcome bro :slight_smile:

Very good idea. Thank you!

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I use Twitter for most of my business related social media (both for my freelance services and my other business), and while it hasn’t generated Fiverr sales on its own, it has been a great tool for networking with others in my industries.

I think a key thing to remember is when you’re using social media for business, you have to look at what your intent is: are you looking for lead generation alone? are mainly looking at building industry connections? do others in your field regularly post to one specific site, making it a good place to stay informed on trends? are you using social media, like in the case of Linkedin, for putting yourself in front of potential employers/customers?
Edit: It’s also about consistency with social media. You just can’t make one post about your service or product, and then never do anything related to it again. Keep an upload schedule, talk about what you’re personally working on, show that you’re always growing or learning through your posts, and create interest in yourself as a person.

In my case, I’m a Tarot and cartomancy reader here on Fiverr, so being able to show my personality through the content I put out and following my interests through social media has helped me to build myself as a brand. But that’s not the only consideration for my using social media. Because I’m introverted, and have led a relatively sheltered life, getting myself out there has been half the battle for me as an entrepreneur. On top of that, I wasn’t born with natural business acumen (which is funny because I’m a Capricorn sun sign :goat: :fish: :capricorn:), so being able to connect with other business people has been a big help to me.

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Hello, i have been on this platform some while ago but i don’ know to how to improve or promote here please help me

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