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Promoting Gigs (Sharing Finished products on other platforms)

Hi there! I would like to ask your expertise about my gigs that i would love to promote on other platform such as Instagram.

I would like to know if it’s allowed to post my finish products(logos) on instagram to promote my fiverr service.

Thank you!


yes its good for you to promote your gigs out of fiverr for getting a lot of impressions and gig views.


Thank you! 20 characters

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I feel like this would be up to they buyer. I would ask before sharing that anything I created for them was shared by me. I guess it also really depends on what you are doing, for instance if you are ghostwriting you would never want to leak that you were the actual writer.


It is okay to share your gigs on social media but as far as finished projects i don’t think it’s a good idea. Since the buyer paid for your service they basically bought the rights to what ever you created for them. Bit if you ask them and they say it’s okay then i don’t see the problem.

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