Promoting Gigs through Advertising


I wonder how many Fiverr users would be interested in a feature similar to that offered by Facebook or Google, in which a seller can pay Fiverr to raise the gig to the top of the list or show it first. Almost like Facebook’s paid advertising. Fiverr would make money from advertising revenue, and sellers would get the chance to increase exposure to their gigs. It’s just a thought. I would be interested in the opinions of others.


I think they’ve got it covered already:


@offlinehelpers - Huh! I didn’t even know… I need to take a look at it right now. I did a quick check in the menus and couldn’t find it. Maybe I missed it…


They’re rolling it out gradually, so it’s not available to everybody yet.

Good luck!


Yeah, it’s not available to me yet. OK… will wait patiently…