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Promoting gigs through social media for an social media introvert

Hello everyone, I recently opened a fiver account and am really eager to get to work but for a person who isn’t on social media much how do I promote my gig through those platforms and get the word out that I’m open for business? Do I target a social media groups, drop link or just keep on sharing my fiver link with everyone until it hits gold?


Hi. Welcome to fiverr community. Sharing gigs on social media does not work well if they are not sponsored. While sponsoring your gigs, choose the right audience who would be interested in buying from you. You can find the right audience via Facebook promotion tool. Select your audience using demographics, location, interest, and behaviour options. Lastly, your audience must be specific to your gigs or the type of services you offer.

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You may find some help here. Paul has put a plethora of information together for new sellers. Thank you, Paul! This makes it much easier to offer help to new sellers. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re very welcome, I am just delighted that it is being shared so widely - the plan was for exactly this sort of thing, and I am grateful to you and everyone else for sharing the content.